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Questionnaires on the Net
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To Complete Questionnaires:

Click on the Questionnaires button above. You will then be requested to enter your surname, first name and birth date as well as some specific coded data provided to you by your provider, clinic or researcher. Then after clicking on the ''Continue'' button the questions are presented one by one. You are able to go back to previously answered questions if you need to review your answers.

Depending on your system, moving between questions and calculating scores may take a few seconds, so please be patient and watch for the question number to change.

Also if using an iPad selections may not be clearly marked with a tick so watch for the colour to change to black.

Finally you will be asked to send a copy of the completed questionnaires by email to the clinic.

Healthcare Professionals, Clinics and Researchers:

Select administration and then log in and you will be able to browse questionnaire entries completed at your request, recreate reports, print questionnaire codings, update your details and renew yearly subscriptions. Reports are provided in pdf and xml format. For more information visit the MedQuestOz site.

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